You can view my price list on the Commission page. The price depend on the size and difficult design of your character

Payment is accepted using PayPal or PayPal transfers

-Complex color
-The complexity of the character (presence of second tails, lush mane, etc.)
-Clothing, weapons, armor, etc.
-Sophisticated stand
-Wings always add to the figure’s cost
-Technical “bells and whistles” and accessories

Prices are approximate in dollars and are subject to discussion, depending on the complexity of the execution, materials, color and other nuances. All processes are executed manually.

On average, order execution takes 70 to 80 days or low

I use Air clay and cold clay. Air clay is an incredibly soft, stretchy, pleasant to the touch material.

Products made of air clay are light and springy, like rubber. They don’t have a chance to break if they fall to the floor.
Therefore, you need to treat the product with care, carefully. Thanks to my own improvement of this material, it is
incredibly rubbery and elastic.

It is best to clean from dust with a dry and soft brush. If there is dirt, carefully remove it with a wet cotton swab.
It is best to put the figure away from direct sunlight to avoid color fading.

Various paints for airbrushing, acrylic paints and a protective varnish.

Our studio was opened in early 2016, and all this time we have been delighting our customers with figures of their characters. We received a lot of good reviews, you can find some of them on our etsey: or in the review thread here – Our material has some flexibility and elasticity thanks to our additives 🙂 We often improve our material and improve the work process, working on the strength of the figure, lightness and elasticity in order to avoid breaking. Thousands of people were very happy to see their character in their hands in the form of a figurine.

You must have a reference or a picture of your character to let us know what will be created. A colorless sketch is not desirable, but it is possible

After the approval of the reference or image, it cannot be changed in the process. Please check with the master,
maybe something can be changed.

How are we different from other workshops and how are we better than them? We can say only what should be present in a good master or workshop in general. Love for what you do, perseverance and desire to bring all the elements to perfection, skill and skills in work, adherence to deadlines. We respect our colleagues and understand how difficult it is for really good craftsmen.

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