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A few words about us

Dear friends! My name is Taisia, known by the nickname Radera.
This Studio was created by Two sculptors, Radera and Rielu, in 2016. Long and hard work on the technique and implementation of their own ideas bore fruit and soon we organized a store on Etsy, which is still working to this day.
We’ve loved furry themes since we were kids and it’s reflected in what we do now 🙂
As the years passed, our love for what we do only grew. We can’t imagine our life without sculpting.
It is you, dear friends, who give us the opportunity to be who we really are!

Done Projects

Best regards, Taisia Semenova


Taisia Semenova

Creator, master, sculptor, menager, marketing specialist

There will be information here soon 🙂

Ekaterina Egorceva

Creator, master, sculptor

There will be information here soon 🙂

Viktoria Nakonechnikova


There will be information here soon 🙂